Prophecy of Elder Joseph of Vatopedi monastery in Mount Athos

John 17. 3.jpg

The 3rd World War.                                                                                                                             Mount Athos where monks seek to expirience a live attestation of the reality of God!

It is well known God does not sent Prophets to nations he does not favor. There are no more prophets in the Jewish nation since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ who is considered by the Christian Orthodox Church to be God Logos. Jesus is the Logos of the Father, (God Logos)) the second person of the Holy Triad, and con substantial to the Father and the Holy Spirit.
The Apostles, the Saints and the Prophets, have One thing in common and that is the infallible Holy Spirit, therefore the things that they reveal to us are not only always true but they also express the Will, the Wisdom, and the All Knowledge of God. The prophecies you about to see were delivered beginning as early as the 4th century A.D. They started tthe 4th century with Saint Methodios, and continue thru out the ages with Orthodox Prophets such as Saint Tarasios, Leontios the wise, Saint Andrew who pretended to be unhinged, Saint Nielos, and Saint Kosmas the Etolian.

The prophecies describe a Third World War, which will begin when Turkey invades Greece. The most horrid war of all times, 18 nations battle ling out in Constantinople (Smyrna) against the blonde nation (……) and its allies that will have as consequence the “bloodiest war ever” known to man the number 700 million.

During this third world war those enslaving the world by diabolical means who have collected the wealth of all the nations are going to vanish during the war ~by the hand of their own armies~!

The nations serving pagan gods and their inhumane governments will turn their weapons -against each other- upon the command of Lord Jesus who they have persecuted for the past 2000 years. Greek people generally do want any harm come to Turkish people however because of the war one third of the Turkish nation will go to the depths of Asia, one third will become Orthodox Christian one third will vanish in the war. From the ashes of the war a New Byzantine Empire rises. According to prophesies the new empire will have as King a resurrected (by God) Orthodox monk named John, (Ioannis) who will then govern the world with the aid of 2 angels on his side (messengers from God) strictly by the law of God. He will be the “hand” of God for all matters and the remaining people on earth will have no doubt of John’s authority. The remaining powerful nations of the world opposing the new King (a man that is Holy) will -VANISH – by the hand of God.

The devil knows all these prophesies…however he allows people to believe that ~a new world order is coming~ so they can keep on their inhuman behaviour till he can collect their souls when they die during the bloodiest of wars of all history!
God loves all of His people in all Nations equally and this is why the prophesies belong to all.
My self my brothers and sisters I am like a mail man. I do not make the news…I only bring them!

Amazing Prophecy of Elder Joseph of Vatopedi monastery,
where monks seek to get a live attestation of the reality of God

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