God Time Creation (How God created Time)

Allow me now please to attempt to show (with the aid of the Old Testament and help of one of Einstein’s theories) how the universe is a creation of God. I will also try to show how science gives evidence of the existence of a “place” that could be Paradise a place that existed in THE ABSENCE OF TIME! I will try (with the help of God always) to “construct” this picture, by first talking about “How God created time”. All this to try to convince science that man did not evolve… he did not descend from the monkey or the amoeba.
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How God created time
Stay with me please. Imagine your self laying in your bed “lights out”, holding a tennis ball on the side of the bed. The dark room resembles the void before creation, and the tennis ball a single molecule of matter. Raise the tennis ball (matter) in the air (void). You have just created space, the space that the tennis ball is in. By creating a single molecule of matter we can see how God simultaneously created space! Imagining now that we could be present (observers) in this first part of creation; (matter/space) we can immediately scientifically establish that the existence of TIME (the ability to measure time) is not possible under these conditions. The measuring of the time needed for our ball to revolve once around its axis is impossible to establish because of the lack of a reference point. At this particular phase of creation speed or movement is also none existent for they both also also impossible to measure. God creates Time the moment a second molecule of matter is introduced in the space created by the first molecule. The 2 molecules now have a “reference relationship” providing there is an orbital relationship between the two that allows the measurement not only of time but of speed.

We were able to “see”, how God created 1st Matter then Space and then Time, by creating 2 molecules of Matter. We have also seen why Time, cannot exist in the absence of 2 molecules or less of matter. This characterizes time as passive (submissive), something that comes into being in the presence of matter alone.

Time travel
I think we can all safely agree that time can not possible exist in the absence of matter. This existence dependency of time on matter can be resembled like a shadow on a wall of a man walking by that comes into being because the man who walked by and created it. No man no shadow, no matter no time! Even if one theoretically managed to turn all the planetary systems running backwards (in order to make the shadow on the wall walk backwards) (time travel), TIME would record that event forward because of the way time comes to existence by the movement of matter regardless of direction.

The ability of measuring time through observing the universe was given to man alone in order to establish the perfection of movement (Creation) with which his Creator God created and is sustaining the universe. He gave this ability (logic) to man alone because he was created to be Gods image (Nous, Logos, and Pneuma). who was created as the King of nature.

Description of TIME

TIME was born 3rd in line along with the appearance of mater that created Space (big bang),
TIME accompanies all events while they are in progress (expansion of universe)
TIME will stop, when universal events stop to take place (Our Lords Second Coming)

TIME has a beginning, it began with the appearance of the material world as we know it today, TIME is now in progress accompanying MATTER through the harmoniums expansion of the universe as an “on-the-scene” eye witness of the ever perfect movement of the universe that allows life on earth as we know it today…till the end of TIME when the universe STOPS TO EXIST…when He (the Creator) ordains it so!
(Apocalypses 20:11) “Earth and Heaven fled from His presence and where seen no more”

“Back in the future” in the minds of man alone!

Let us now see if science helps theology to verify the writings in the scriptures! Let us see if Paradise can be seen through science
Question: Are there scientific discoveries leading to proof of the existence of Paradise?

Einstein’s formula says YES.
Human beings are creations…that descended from light!

In the book of Greek Orthodox Archimandrite Asterios Chatjinikolaou with the name “The beginning and the end of the world” there is description of a study that attempts to present a scientific theory of an existence of a blinding light the beginning… that proves that there was indeed a voice that was heard saying… LET THERE BE LIGHT!

A priest named Lemaitre who was a mathematician and a cosmologist, studied Einstein’s formulas in order to see “how would they exactly apply” in the beginning of the universe. In 1927 he formulated the concept of the primal atom. He thought of this by turning “evolution” backwards (using the formula) to a point in time all matter (galaxies) were concentrated into one sphere no larger than our sun!!! Allowing ourselves to be “at the spot” observes of this particular stage of this early cosmic event, we will be hand on witnesses of certain “un questionable events or realities” that may have an ever-changing impact of our belief of God, the Holy Bible, and Creation.

Remember the one tennis ball? The primal atom along with space came into being (coexist), in the absence of time!!! The absence of a second primal atom makes impossible the realization of time because of reasons of “lack of reference point” Adam and Eve were immortal indifferent to time anyway.

According to scientific research the primal atom described by Lemaitre was “a fiery sea of radiance”, the light from which it all begun. Genesis :(3) “Let there be light-and light appeared’ (4) “God was pleased with what he saw” This means that we as human beings are creations…that descended from light! We will further support this findings by seeing how science itself divides the history of the universe in Two Ages.

The Two Ages of the universe
We have seen the possibilities of an existence of a “planet of light” before the “big bang” and how it could “exist” in the absence of time (the one tennis ball)

We are also able to post to ourselves the following reasonable theological question. “If someone was to live on that “planet”…Adam and Eve… one sphere no larger than our sun… Could this be Adams and Eve’s Paradise as described in the scriptures?

1st age.
It is interesting to know that Science divides the history of the universe in 2 ages. They first speak of the age of the dominance of the radiance and afterwards they speak of the age of matter. During the first age that lasted 400.000 years the “representatives” of light the photons, and the “representatives” of matter the particles of the their nucleus, remained stable as far to their numbers.

2nd age
Science explains how matter can be created from light. “there was a time when temperatures were height enough that allowed collisions amongst photons to create particles of matter consisted from clean energy…2 quantum of radiance meaning 2 photons, can collide and disappear while all their energy and their boldness be disposed for the production of 2 or more particles of mater.
Because of the photons immense energy, their radiation contributes much more to their energy than their matter. For these reasons the scientists support the approach that during that 1st age of the universe, the first matter was light.

Maybe we can understand the tree of knowledge of good and evil a little better now by understanding why the fruit testing Adam’s and Eve’s love toward God was forbidden for with in a world of light (Paradise) it could have become the cause for the introduction of SPACE and TIME in their lives and the lives of their descendants. This was because It was a common (as we know it)… apple tree! In the web side you can see the historical place (maps) and time of Paradise and how Geology confirms Genesis! (in Greek) http://www.oodegr.com/oode/genesis/adam4.htm#5

The “big bang”
You can clearly see how the choice of scientist to use the words “big bang” that describe an uncontrolled explosion of unknown origins, excludes important scientific discoveries that are very essential to giving God “His appropriate place” in our lives AS GOD AND OUR CREATOR. When astronomer Barry Parker was talking of the first great explosion that gave birth to the universe he said: “You can think that this explosion (blinding light) took place in space that is infinite, however this is not the way things actually happened. The great explosion did not take place in space. It created space! Before the explosion neither matter, or space, or time existed.” God is the Creator; he created first matter… space… time!

I really do think that it can be described to be a blessing for fellow human beings to help us to see the moment just before creation… were some human minds see a terrible void a darkness a hopeless emptiness… while others who personally see and speak with HIM personally know of Him as Light, the Eternal Light the TRIAD humble God who is behind it all …

I will finish with a translation of a verse of Revelation 21:6 of the untouched Greek ancient script in the Holy Bible as given to humanity by the Christian Church’s 2nd Ecumenical Synod in Constantinople the year 381 A.D

Revelation 21:6 “Lord Jesus Christ is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the CAUSE of the CREATIONAL BEGINNING, the CAUSATION OF CREATION, (who makes for this reason) the SUPREME and UPMOST PURPOSE (OF LIFE) FOR ALL CREATIONS (humans)”.

ASSISTANCE: From the book of Archimandrite A.S.Chajinikolou, “The beginning and the end of the world”, cosmology and the Holy Scriptures

Your friend and servant
Constantinos James Wiliams


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