The CONSEQUENCES INHERITED for each man and woman born, is SPIRITUAL DEATH!

God created man, the way He would have liked to be a man, if He was a man!  It was the plan of God from the very beginning to create man to part take (union) with Him to live with Him as ~a godman by the Grace of God~ in His Heavenly Kingdom where He was to live with his Saints as ~a God by nature~!  This part take however had to be ~a willing part take~ on the behalf of man. This is why God created first man to be in His IMAGE Nous (mind) Logos  and Spirit in order for man to  first get know him personally with the potential to becoming in His LIKENESS ~a part take with God~ that is known today as being Holy, a New Creation [Colossians 3 10] New Adam, the overcoming of mortality and Eternal Life.

The forbidden tree of good and evil was a trial of ~obedience~ that was to also test  their ~true love emotions~ toward their God and creator that were the most essential precondition for becoming in the Likeness (part take) with God. In returning to the presence of God in the New Testament  (becoming Holy) we see that there are  the same requirements in returning to His presence!  [John 14:2] “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.” Man was to become in Gods Image (a god man by the Grace of God) only if he wanted to, only if he wants to obey all of the commandments of God!

Obeying all of the commandments of God is worth nothing to God Creator unless man has the real freedom to do so!  This is why the Holy Fathers of the Greek Orthodox teach that “the greatest and most important gift from God to man is his freedom…his freedom to choose!

He created all of His creations to be free including all of His angels (proof is the fallen archangel Lucifer/snake) and this is the way God created Adam and Eve. The plan of God for union with man (in becoming His Image) was immediately canceled upon disobedience on the behalf of Adam and Eve. If God went on and made Adam “Holy” or “a god by the Grace of God” after they had sinned/disobeyed, then Adam and Eve  would have had the impression that being partaken (united) with God will not exclude disobedience!  Being disobedient by first eating the forbidden able following their refusal to repent, are the events that caused the unfolding of cosmological events build within creation that were to unfold as a natural consequence of their actions revealing the next WILL (plan) of God for the returning  of man to His presence theosis (part take) and Salvation!

In [Genesis 3:2] the coats mentioned are the material bodies of Adam and Eve that came about as a consequence of their sin needed for the separation from God’s presence and the new life that was to be of a material nature. “”Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them”.  It was the moment in time when the Grace of God that was doing everything for Adam and Eve was withdrawn and replaced by the gift of logic!  Logic was a gift of God to Adam and his descendants that was to serve as ~the eye through which~ man could see the all wisdom and creativity of God! Logic was also the means by which they could survive on their own in the new material world they found their selves in the absence of God!

The new material bodies acquired by Adam and Eve [Genesis 2:2] where not created by God the day He created Adam and Eve but hey given by God as consequence of sin! This why Adam and Eve and their descendants could not see/know/ God with this materialistic “exile body” and live!  [Exodus 33.20] “And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live”.

[Note: Any known cases of man in the presence of God before the coming of Lord Jesus and the creation of His Church (like Moses or the Holy Light in Jerusalem every year) is not a presence of Divine Light (God), but a presence of God through a created material light (like the sun is material light) so He can make His presence known without harming man!

Spiritual death: The eternal separation of man from God!

The consequences suffered by all men and women who are born on earth are known  by the Holy Fathers and are described as a Spiritual Death. The deaths included  are two!  The first death that was inherited is known as “the eternal separation of man from God” and the second death is the death of the body that is considered by the Holy Fathers ~a gift to humanity~ for without it no one would ever be able to return to Gods domain!

The new material bodies of Adam and Eve and their descendants were not capable in seeing and knowing God personally (returning to His presence) but their hearts which in essence were ~the persons~ before God made coats of skins, and clothed them could!

[2 Corinthians: 4:6]. “God makes His Light shine in our hearts, to bring us the knowledge of God’s glory shining in the face of Christ.

When speaking about the HEART, (soul) as meant in the Gospels we are speaking of a Person [1 Peter 3:4] “But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price” The heart is the person that represents each and every one the moment of death when the soul exits the body. This is the heart/soul upon which Lord Jesus will restore man “to body and soul” again at His Second Coming according to each person deeds. [Galatians 6:7-8] “7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. This is why the Holy Fathers teach that the heart is the mind of our minds or the mind and the heart is ONE and the same thing! According to the teachings of the Holy Fathers the center of a person’s self-conscience is not the brain or the nervous system but it is the heart because of being capable of having a certain supernatural functions. This is a knowledge became known through the experience of the Holy Fathers and not through the logical power of the mind or mental theologizing.

The heart/PERSON  is ill begotten from the consequences of the propateric sin and personal SIN and is in need of a therapy! [Matthew 15-19] “FOR OUT OF THE HEART PROCEED EVIL THOUGHTS MURDERS ADULTERIES FORNICATIONS THEFTS FALSE WITNESS BLASPHEMIES”. Furthermore vainglory, ego, envy, hatred, lustiness stinginess and greed are equally strong passions that siege the heart (self will) and force the mind (body) in the un natural act of sin. The words in [Mathew 5:8] describe ~all of the preconditions~ needed for man, to return to the presence of God! “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God”  This is why the Church was created by the Holy Spirit the day of Pentecost wit 85 Holy Apostolic canons (Church rules) that would enable Lord Jesus to  become the “head of His body the Church” enabling this way those baptized TO BE REDEEMED FROM ALL SIN (only God can forgive sins including the propateric one) and become MEMBERS OF HIS BODY! [Α Colossians 1:18] “He is the head of his body, the Church; He is the source of the body’s life”

Lord Jesus (God Logos) does it all!                                                                                                  No education needed…only Love for the Lord and Obedience!

The Holy Sacrament of BAPTISM:

The Sacrament of the Holy Baptism is the Mystery through which man becomes a living member of the Body of Christ. Through Baptism Jesus Christ Himself reshapes and makes man partaker of a divine nature. It signifies the beginning of a potential dynamic process in one’s path toward the Kingdom of God. Baptism introduces people to the place of their Salvation that is the Ecclesia (Church) and grands them the right to participate to all the other Holy Sacraments. The Holy Baptism is also known as the Holy Sacrament of Rebirth. It is becoming “a god by the Grace of God” because man part takes with the Holy Spirit! The purpose of Holy Baptism is to remove the consequences of the original sin, is to allow a person to become a vessel of the Holy Spirit (Saint) to become a member of His Holy Body. This is why during Baptism the priest calls upon the sponsor to renounce the devil and all of his works. Baptism described in the Holy Bible cannot take place without Lord Jesus (God Logos) partaking as high Priest and Mediator to His Father with His Holy Sacraments.

In the absence of the therapy of the Church as created by the Holy Spirit (God) 2000 years ago there is No Hope No Salvation. The word “Salvation” means ‘Salvation from death” and the word “death” means


The vision of Divine Light (returning to the presence of God)                                                    This is what Lord Jesus told St. Symeon when He became worthy to His presence in His divine Light.

“It is me, God, Who became man for you; and behold that I have made you, as you see, and shall make you god”.                        

Understanding the Orthodox Christian Faith                          

Icon: Taken During Divine Liturgy                                                           


Inside the Mind of a Gender Creative Boy

Boys homesexuality.jpg

God is very clear when describing the eternal consequences o boys that want to be girls simply because he does not make gender mistakes! There is a knowledge of the Holy Fathers of Greek Orthodox Church about homosexuality that involves the devil who is present in the lives of men and women by whispering in their hearts the things men and women, boys and girls want to hear in order to get them to sin in order to be able to claim their souls from God as soon as their soul exits their bodies!

What is Possession?

When man acts as though he is a woman it is a clear sign of possession. Possession takes place when “the will of man is totally submitted to the will of the devil”

The devil will claim the souls of these people when they exit the bodies because the commandments of God are crystal clear to homosexuality being a SIN in the Old and New Testament both!

[Leviticus 20:13] If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

[1 Corinthians 6:9] we read 9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind.

And yet there is a way to repent for anyone wanting a way out of their ill begotten behavior and it is called Greek Orthodox Baptism and a way of life that can lead to Paradise and the Heavenly Kingdom! !

Ierotheos Metropolitan of Naupaktos about Greek Orthodox Baptism“Through the “rite of birth in God”, holy baptism, man’s nous (mind) is illuminated, freed from slavery to sin and the devil, and is united with God.

The word Salvation means “salvation from death” and the word “death” means the eternal separation of man from God!

To eliminate all sin and work for the return to the presence of God!

Two Catholics a man and woman decide to take the Orthodox Baptism. The man did not want -water Baptism- but he only wanted to be read the blessing. A surprise waits the photographer after looking at the pictures. The video has Greek subtitles however -the pictures- will tell the whole story


Video: An ordinary Orthodox Baptism.


The years from Adam till today are 7500!


There are many who have attempted with various scientific methods to put in a chronological time frame the presence of Adam and Eve on earth. The most accurate method, however, higher than science is through Revelation from God! The purpose of the coming of our Lord and creation of His Church by the Apostles was to bring the type therapy that would cure man from all sins and enable him back to the presence of God! This is why in Greek Orthodox theology the words Salvation, Holy, New Creation, Eternal Life are all equally related and they all mean to ~the return to the presence of Creator God~!
This is an example here of what Lord Jesus told St. Symeon when He became worthy to His presence in His divine Light.
“It is me, God, Who became man for you; and behold that I have made you, as you see, and shall make you god”.

It is logical that science deals with the “billions” of years by which to calculate the age of the universe disregarding the fact that time is God’s creation that God dominates. Being you believe in God (and His Old Testament) let us visit Adam and Eves first day of exile here on earth their first moments they start to drink water from a river that comes from the distant mountains they see far way. As Adam and Eve are drinking the water they are not aware that the water in the river came from those mountains they see far way after it had rained a couple of weeks ago.
On this same night, they see the stars in the endless galaxies and a distant comet that has been traveling thousands perhaps thousands of years is seen to be crossing the bright night sky. Adam wonders how far it comes from and how long (many years) it has traveled to get here. Very high in the distant night sky there is a dense cloud of stars visible which the atheist descendants of Adam are going to name the beginning of the “big bang” the “place” it all begun!

We can see now how TIME is already present on earth upon the arrival of Adam and Eve here at their new home. Time was a necessary precondition for life away from the presence of God a precondition to logic! The Grace of God where everything was done by God’s Grace was replaced by man’s logic! Adam and Eve were provided by the Lord with leather tunics (mortal bodies) in order to be able to live on their own in their new world material world through logic! [Genesis 3,21].”And the Lord God hath created Adam and women this tunic and leather enedysen them”.

The years from Adam till today are 7500 years, and this was revealed to father Kalinicos on a golden description when God revealed Himself to him as He is known in the icons of the Greek Orthodox Church. In essence, all life is a creation of God and there was nothing ever evolved only continuously re adapting to the vast forces of the ever changing universe that surround us! (in the following web page the whole story in Greek) (this web side in Greek)

Here is some material proof that can substantiate the age of Adam till today!
Dinosaurs Lived With Humans

Thunderbirt (pterodactyl 4 meter wingspan) photo the face of an alligator also styrosaure soft tissue in dino fossils-nothing in science can allow this to be millions of years old

According to His Revelation to Saint Kalinicos begotten from God, the end (the Second Coming) has started to materialize in 1992!

God bless

Θεός Ύλη Χώρος Χρόνος


1 Η Φυσιολογική σειρά εμφάνισης της-Ύλης- Χώρου- Χρόνου- προβάλλει Θεό Δημιουργό
2 Το big bang αποδεικνύει παρουσία Θεού
3 Η φιλοσοφία του big bang διεστραυλωνει την απλή λογική και γεννά την αθεΐα.
4 Η Ύλη ο Χώρος και ο Χρόνος είναι δωρεά από Τον Θεό δοκιμασίας.
5 Ο Χρόνος είναι ενσωματωμένος μέσα στην μετά της πτώσεως Δημιουργία
6 Το τέλος του κόσμου είναι 7500 από Αδάμ
7 Η Κριση (ανταποδωση) κατά την Δευτέρα Παρουσία

 1 Η Φυσιολογική σειρά εμφάνισης της-Ύλης- Χώρου- Χρόνου-

Ο τρόπος δια του οποίου ήρθε εις ύπαρξη το υλικό μας σύμπαν, (ως φυσιολογικο συνεπακολουθο συμπαντικων γεγονονων που ακολουθησαν της ανυπακοης των πρωτοπλαστων) υποδεικνύει πέραν αμφιβολίας για κάθε λογικό άνθρωπο παρουσία, Θεού και Δημιουργού. Αυτό θα μας το διδάξει η φυσιολογική σειρά δια της οποίας αποδεικνύεται (δια της λογικής) ότι εμφανίστηκαν η Ύλη ο Χώρος και ο Χρόνος.

Η υπόσταση του Χώρου δεν μπορεί να πραγματοποιηθεί στην απουσία της Ύλης η όποια και τον γεννά. Πρώτη δηλαδή εμφανίζετε η Ύλη ώστε να πάρει υπόσταση ο Χωρος ο οποιος ερχεται  Δεύτερος στην σειρά. Η εμφάνιση της Ύλης (από το αχανές κενό) είναι το ενα γεγονός το οποίο πρέπει να υποδεικνύει Δημιουργό/Δημιουργια για τον οποιονδήποτε απλα σκεφτομενο ανθρωπο. Η παρουσία του Χρόνου ( η δυνατότητα μέτρησης του) γίνετε εφικτή ΜΟΝΟ μετά την παρουσία της Ύλης μέσα στον Χώρο. Με αυτόν τον τρόπο ο Χρόνος εμφανίζεται Τρίτος στην σειρά. Στην απουσία της Ύλης και του Χώρου (η προ της δημιουργίας του Υλικού κόσμου), δεν θα μπορούσε να υπάρξει ο Χρόνος.

 2 Το λεγόμενο “big bang”

Το λεγόμενο “big bang” δεν αποδεικνύει απουσία Θεού απεναντίας αποδεικνύει Παρουσία. Αυτό που προπορεύεται και έχει σημασία δεν είναι το γεγονός της “έκρηξης” αλλά η παρουσία της Ύλης δια της οποίας κατέστη δυνατή η “έκρηξη” γεγονός το οποίο υποδεικνύει Δημιουργία/Δημιουργό.

3 Η φιλοσοφία του big bang διεστραυλωνει την απλή λογική και γεννά την αθεΐα.

Το “big bang” το οποίο γεννά τον σκοταδισμό του νου δια του οποίου απουσιάζει μεσα σττην Δημιουρφια του συμπαντος κοσμου ο προσωπικός Θεός (αθεΐα), είναι και το καταλληλότερο υπόβαθρο μέσα στο οποίο θα καλλιεργηθεί δια της φαντασίας και το “φρούτο” της “εξέλιξης” δια του οποίου ο ~δυνάμει θεάνθρωπος κατά Χάρη~ επιστήμονας, διαλαλεί και διδάσκει ότι είναι απόγονος πιθήκου!

4 Η Ύλη ο Χώρος και ο Χρόνος είναι δωρεά από Τον Θεό δοκιμασίας.

Η Ύλη μέσα στον Χώρο η οποία εμφανίζετε μετά την εξορία από τον Παράδεισο (το Υλικό μας σύμπαν), είναι ο δημιουργηθείς υλίκος χωρος μακρια αποΤον Θεό όπου άνθρωπος θα έχει την ευκαιρία να ζήσει θεάρεστα ώστε να μπορέσει να επιστρέψει δια της δικής του ελεύθερης βουλής στην Παρουσία του Θεού και Δημιουργού.

Αύτη όμως η ευκαιρία της δοκιμασίας δεν θα μπορούσε να γίνει δυνατή στην απουσία της δωρεάς του Χρόνου μέσα από τον οποίο η δοκιμασια τελειωνει. Μέσα από τη δωρεά του Χρόνου συμπεριλήφθη και η πρόνοια (εγγύηση) από Τον Θεό ότι ο άνθρωπος θα μπορέσει να ξανά επιστρέψει στον ουρανό. Αυτή η εγγύηση θα εκπληρωθεί για τον καθένα… δια του σωματικού θανάτου.

5 Ο Χρόνος και είναι ενσωματωμένος μέσα στην μετά της πτώσεως Δημιουργία

Είναι λογικό η επιστήμη να καταπιάνεται με τα “εκατομύρια” χρόνια δια των οποίων υπολογίζει να είναι η ηλικία του σύμπαντος κόσμου αδιαφορώντας ότι ο Χρόνος είναι Δημιούργημα Του Θεού ο οποίος και τον εξουσιάζει. Ας επισκεφθούμε τον Αδάμ την πρώτη ημέρα της εξορίας εδώ στην γη την στιγμή που κόβει ένα κορμό δένδρου για να κτίση το καλυφάκι του. Για εκπαιδευτικούς σκοπούς μόνο, ας υποθέσουμε ότι το κόψιμο στον κορμό είναι ένα καθαρό κόψιμο όπως αυτό που γίνετε με το σβανά. Αυτό για να μπορέσουμε να παρατηρήσουμε ότι μέσα από τον κομμένο κορμό του δένδρου του υλικού κόσμου ο οποίος μόλις έχει εμφανισθεί παρατηρούνταν δακτυλιδιοι οι οποίοι και καταμαρτυρούν τα χρόνια της ηλικίας του δένδρου που μόλις έκοψε! Δεν θα μπορούσε το δέντρο εκείνο να μην είχε δακτυλίδια χρόνου για τον απλούστατο λόγο ότι το δένδρο το οποίο θα φύτρωνε από τον σπόρο του ούτε και αυτό θα είχε την δυνατότητα να έχει! Την ίδια νύκτα τα αστέρια στον απέραντο ουρανό σχηματίζουν μακρινούς γαλαξίες και ένας κομήτης ο οποίος είχε ταξιδεύσει για χιλιάδες ίσως εκατομμύρια χιλιομετρα διασχίζει από μακριά τον ολόφωτο νυκτερινό ουρανό! Ο Αδάμ διερωτάται από πόσο μακριά τάχα θα έρχεται και πόσα καιρό (χρόνια) ταξιδεύει.
Με αυτό τον τρόπο βλέπουμε πως ο Θεός κτίζει τον Χρόνο μέσα στο ορατό σύμπαν (το καινούργιο σπίτι του Αδάμ) την στιγμή της πτώσεως ώστε ο άνθρωπος να μπορεί να ζήσει -με την λογική του μόνον- απερίσπαστος από την Παρουσία Του Θεού όπως αυτός ήθελε. Σεβόμενος την απόφαση των πρωτόπλαστων ο φιλάνθρωπος Θεός δεν τους στερεί το δικαίωμα να είναι βασιλείς της κτίσεως όπως Αυτός τους έπλασε να είναι, τους ξαναπαραχωρεί τον τίτλο σε ένα άλλο κόσμο, στην δική του όμως ορατή απουσία. Στην μετά την Δευτέρα Παρουσία Ζωή, η εμπειρία στην γη, θα αποτελεί για το κάθε κτίσμα -το άλας της ζωής- (της αιώνιας τους ζωής ) δια του οποίου θα υπενθυμουνται το τίμημα της παρακοής και της αχαριστίας.

6 Το τέλος του κόσμου είναι 7500 από Αδάμ
Ο Θεός όμως ως ελεήμονας Θεός και Πατέρας θα επιτρέψει την σκληρή αυτή δοκιμασία του Αδάμ και των απογόνων του να διαιωνίζετε για ένα χρονικό διάστημα μόνον. Η χρονολογία -από κτίσεως κόσμου- μέσα από την η οποία θα έρθει το τέλος του είναι 7500 από Αδάμ και μας το Αποκαλύπτει ο Θεόπτης Αγιότατος ηγούμενος Καλλίνικος ο οποίος την είδε σαν χρυσή επιγραφή όταν του Αποκαλύφθηκε ο Τριαδικός Θεός όπως Αυτός είναι ζωγραφισμένος στις εικόνες της Εκκλησίας.

Η -αρχή του τέλους- άρχισε να τροχοδρομείται το 1992!

 7 Η Δευτέρα Παρουσία

Όταν ο άνθρωπος θα έχει πλέον αναστηθεί, ο Τριαδικός Θεός της Ορθοδοξίας θα ανταποδώσει εις αυτόν κατά την αναλογία της προαιρέσεως που υπέδειξε κατά την διάρκεια της επίγειας ζωής του εν σχέση -ως προς Τον Θεό- και -ως προς τον συνάνθρωπο-.  Τα εργα που θα εξετασθουν ~ως προς Τον Θεό~ θα ειναι η ειλικρινής συμμετοχή στην θεραπευτική αγωγή της Εκκλησίας και ~ως προς τον πλησιον~ θα ειναι κατά ποσο η αγαπη μας γι’ αυτον ηταν ~ως ευατο~ ! [Μάρκο 12:33] “και το αγαπαν αυτον εξ ολης της καρδίας και εξ ολης της συνέσεως και εξ ολης της ισχύος και το αγαπαν τον πλησίον ως εαυτον περισσότερόν εστιν πάντων των ολοκαυτωμάτων και θυσιων”.

Κατά την Δευτέρα Του Κυρίου Παρουσία,
ο καθένας θα θερίσει… ότι ακριβώς έσπειρε!

Ευχαριστώ για την φιλοξενία
Κωνσταντίνος James Wiliams



Που Βρίσκεται Η Ψυχή Μέχρι Την Δευτέρα Παρουσία Και Την Ανάσταση Των Νεκρών;

Απο την μια γνωριζουμε για τον “βρομερο” Αδη  απο την μαρτυρια του φιλου Του Χριστου Λαζαρου ο οποιος ηταν Επισκοπος εδω στην Κυπρο για 30 χρονια και απο την άλλη γνωριζουμε για τον Παραδεισο οπου και πηγε ο Χριστός μαζι με τον ληστη οπως υποσχεθηκε θα τον παρει μετά απο την Ανασταση. Η Βασιλεια των Ουρανων οσο και η κολαση θα ερθουν εις γνωση ολων των ανθρωπων κατα τη Δευτερα Παρουσια οταν ολες οι ψυχές θα ξαναποκτησουν τα σωματα τους και κατά την προαιρεση του καθ’ενος. [Γαλατας 6:7-8]  7 Μὴ πλανᾶσθε, Θεὸς οὐ μυκτηρίζεται· ὃ γὰρ ἐὰν σπείρῃ ἄνθρωπος, τοῦτο καὶ θερίσει· 8 ὅτι ὁ σπείρων εἰς τὴν σάρκα ἑαυτοῦ ἐκ τῆς σαρκὸς θερίσει φθοράν, ὁ δὲ σπείρων εἰς τὸ πνεῦμα ἐκ τοῦ πνεύματος θερίσει ζωὴν αἰώνιον.Στον στιχο 8 βλεπουμε την διαφορά των αβαπτιστων και αιετικων (ὅτι ὁ σπείρων εἰς τὴν σάρκα ἑαυτοῦ ἐκ τῆς σαρκὸς θερίσει φθοράν) με τους Αγιους ( ὁ δὲ σπείρων εἰς τὸ πνεῦμα ἐκ τοῦ πνεύματος θερίσει ζωὴν αἰώνιον) !

ΤΑ ΣΩΜΑΤΑ ΤΩΝ ΑΓΙΩΝ (εκεινων δηλαδη οι οποιοι θεραπευτηκαν απο τα παθοι θα ειναι κατα  Αγ. Νικόλαο τον Αγιορείτη,  θα είναι όπως εκείνο Του αναστημένου Χριστού και θα είναι: Μαλακά, Ελαφριά, Όμορφα, Ένδοξα, Διαφανή, Φωτεινά, Ζεστά, και Πνευματικά. «Φως και φώτα» κατά τον απόστολο Παύλο κατά την αναλογία της προαιρέσεως του καθενός. Τα σώματα των αγίων θα διαφέρουν από δόξα σε δόξα όπως διαφέρει το φως της σελήνης με εκείνο του ηλίου! (Σημ. Δεν θα διαφερουν ομως σε τιποτε εις την Παρουσια Του Κυρίου)

ΤΑ ΣΩΜΑΤΑ ΔΕ ΕΚΕΙΝΩΝ ΠΟΥ ΔΙΕΠΡΑΞΑΝ ΑΜΑΡΤΙΕΣ  θα έχουν μεγάλη και ασύγκριτο διαφορά από των ενάρετων και θα είναι:  σκληρά, βαρέα, άσχημα, άτιμα μαύρα, σκοτεινά, ψυχρά και χονδρά οπως ακριβώς εκεινου του διαβολου και των δαιμονων του. Η δικαιωσυνη Του Χριστου οχο μονο γνωστη θα ειναι σε ολα τά κτισματα του θα ειναι και ορατη!

Μεχρι ομως την Δευτερα Παρουσια ο Κυριος Ιησους Χριστός βρισκεται στην Παραδεισο και ο τελωνισμος των ψυχών ο οποιος μπορει να θεωρηθεί ως ~ κριση πριν την Κριση~  η οποια συμπεριλαμβανει για λογους δικαιοσυνης και δαιμοπνες η οποια θα εξασφαλισει για τον Αγιο την παρουσια του εις τον θρονο του Θεου μεχρι την Δευτερα Παρουσια!  Οσο για τους αβαπτιστους, ο Τελωνισμος δεν ειναι προσιτος λογω της κυριαρχιας πανω σε αυτους του πνευματικου θανατου ο οποιος κληρονομειται απο τον Αδαμ και την Ευα εις ολους ανεξαιρετως τους απογονους τους ο οποιος περιγραφει “τον αωνιο αποχωρισμο του ανθρωπου απο Τον Θεό” ! Εις το κεφαλαιο 33 της Εξοδου και στον στιχο 20 μας γινετε περιγραφη για τους λογους γιατι!  “το της θεότητos πρόσωπον ουδείς ηδύνατο να δει και να ζήσει” Για την Σωτηρια τοτε των ανθρωπων, ανέλαβε το της ανθρωπότητας πρόσωπον (έγινε κτίσμα) ίνα (δια του Βαπτισματος) τούτο ιδόντες ζησωμεν!

Για ολους τους υπολοιπους ανθρωπους (ψυχες) ο Αδης ηταν και ειναι το αιωνιο δεσμωτηριο των ψυχών μεχρι την Δευτερα Παρουσια, την Κριση και την Ανταποδωση!

What happens to the soul after death? (Toll Houses)


God Time Creation (How God created Time)

Allow me now please to attempt to show (with the aid of the Old Testament and help of one of Einstein’s theories) how the universe is a creation of God. I will also try to show how science gives evidence of the existence of a “place” that could be Paradise a place that existed in THE ABSENCE OF TIME! I will try (with the help of God always) to “construct” this picture, by first talking about “How God created time”. All this to try to convince science that man did not evolve… he did not descend from the monkey or the amoeba.
Time 2.jpg

How God created time
Stay with me please. Imagine your self laying in your bed “lights out”, holding a tennis ball on the side of the bed. The dark room resembles the void before creation, and the tennis ball a single molecule of matter. Raise the tennis ball (matter) in the air (void). You have just created space, the space that the tennis ball is in. By creating a single molecule of matter we can see how God simultaneously created space! Imagining now that we could be present (observers) in this first part of creation; (matter/space) we can immediately scientifically establish that the existence of TIME (the ability to measure time) is not possible under these conditions. The measuring of the time needed for our ball to revolve once around its axis is impossible to establish because of the lack of a reference point. At this particular phase of creation speed or movement is also none existent for they both also also impossible to measure. God creates Time the moment a second molecule of matter is introduced in the space created by the first molecule. The 2 molecules now have a “reference relationship” providing there is an orbital relationship between the two that allows the measurement not only of time but of speed.

We were able to “see”, how God created 1st Matter then Space and then Time, by creating 2 molecules of Matter. We have also seen why Time, cannot exist in the absence of 2 molecules or less of matter. This characterizes time as passive (submissive), something that comes into being in the presence of matter alone.

Time travel
I think we can all safely agree that time can not possible exist in the absence of matter. This existence dependency of time on matter can be resembled like a shadow on a wall of a man walking by that comes into being because the man who walked by and created it. No man no shadow, no matter no time! Even if one theoretically managed to turn all the planetary systems running backwards (in order to make the shadow on the wall walk backwards) (time travel), TIME would record that event forward because of the way time comes to existence by the movement of matter regardless of direction.

The ability of measuring time through observing the universe was given to man alone in order to establish the perfection of movement (Creation) with which his Creator God created and is sustaining the universe. He gave this ability (logic) to man alone because he was created to be Gods image (Nous, Logos, and Pneuma). who was created as the King of nature.

Description of TIME

TIME was born 3rd in line along with the appearance of mater that created Space (big bang),
TIME accompanies all events while they are in progress (expansion of universe)
TIME will stop, when universal events stop to take place (Our Lords Second Coming)

TIME has a beginning, it began with the appearance of the material world as we know it today, TIME is now in progress accompanying MATTER through the harmoniums expansion of the universe as an “on-the-scene” eye witness of the ever perfect movement of the universe that allows life on earth as we know it today…till the end of TIME when the universe STOPS TO EXIST…when He (the Creator) ordains it so!
(Apocalypses 20:11) “Earth and Heaven fled from His presence and where seen no more”

“Back in the future” in the minds of man alone!

Let us now see if science helps theology to verify the writings in the scriptures! Let us see if Paradise can be seen through science
Question: Are there scientific discoveries leading to proof of the existence of Paradise?

Einstein’s formula says YES.
Human beings are creations…that descended from light!

In the book of Greek Orthodox Archimandrite Asterios Chatjinikolaou with the name “The beginning and the end of the world” there is description of a study that attempts to present a scientific theory of an existence of a blinding light the beginning… that proves that there was indeed a voice that was heard saying… LET THERE BE LIGHT!

A priest named Lemaitre who was a mathematician and a cosmologist, studied Einstein’s formulas in order to see “how would they exactly apply” in the beginning of the universe. In 1927 he formulated the concept of the primal atom. He thought of this by turning “evolution” backwards (using the formula) to a point in time all matter (galaxies) were concentrated into one sphere no larger than our sun!!! Allowing ourselves to be “at the spot” observes of this particular stage of this early cosmic event, we will be hand on witnesses of certain “un questionable events or realities” that may have an ever-changing impact of our belief of God, the Holy Bible, and Creation.

Remember the one tennis ball? The primal atom along with space came into being (coexist), in the absence of time!!! The absence of a second primal atom makes impossible the realization of time because of reasons of “lack of reference point” Adam and Eve were immortal indifferent to time anyway.

According to scientific research the primal atom described by Lemaitre was “a fiery sea of radiance”, the light from which it all begun. Genesis :(3) “Let there be light-and light appeared’ (4) “God was pleased with what he saw” This means that we as human beings are creations…that descended from light! We will further support this findings by seeing how science itself divides the history of the universe in Two Ages.

The Two Ages of the universe
We have seen the possibilities of an existence of a “planet of light” before the “big bang” and how it could “exist” in the absence of time (the one tennis ball)

We are also able to post to ourselves the following reasonable theological question. “If someone was to live on that “planet”…Adam and Eve… one sphere no larger than our sun… Could this be Adams and Eve’s Paradise as described in the scriptures?

1st age.
It is interesting to know that Science divides the history of the universe in 2 ages. They first speak of the age of the dominance of the radiance and afterwards they speak of the age of matter. During the first age that lasted 400.000 years the “representatives” of light the photons, and the “representatives” of matter the particles of the their nucleus, remained stable as far to their numbers.

2nd age
Science explains how matter can be created from light. “there was a time when temperatures were height enough that allowed collisions amongst photons to create particles of matter consisted from clean energy…2 quantum of radiance meaning 2 photons, can collide and disappear while all their energy and their boldness be disposed for the production of 2 or more particles of mater.
Because of the photons immense energy, their radiation contributes much more to their energy than their matter. For these reasons the scientists support the approach that during that 1st age of the universe, the first matter was light.

Maybe we can understand the tree of knowledge of good and evil a little better now by understanding why the fruit testing Adam’s and Eve’s love toward God was forbidden for with in a world of light (Paradise) it could have become the cause for the introduction of SPACE and TIME in their lives and the lives of their descendants. This was because It was a common (as we know it)… apple tree! In the web side you can see the historical place (maps) and time of Paradise and how Geology confirms Genesis! (in Greek)

The “big bang”
You can clearly see how the choice of scientist to use the words “big bang” that describe an uncontrolled explosion of unknown origins, excludes important scientific discoveries that are very essential to giving God “His appropriate place” in our lives AS GOD AND OUR CREATOR. When astronomer Barry Parker was talking of the first great explosion that gave birth to the universe he said: “You can think that this explosion (blinding light) took place in space that is infinite, however this is not the way things actually happened. The great explosion did not take place in space. It created space! Before the explosion neither matter, or space, or time existed.” God is the Creator; he created first matter… space… time!

I really do think that it can be described to be a blessing for fellow human beings to help us to see the moment just before creation… were some human minds see a terrible void a darkness a hopeless emptiness… while others who personally see and speak with HIM personally know of Him as Light, the Eternal Light the TRIAD humble God who is behind it all …

I will finish with a translation of a verse of Revelation 21:6 of the untouched Greek ancient script in the Holy Bible as given to humanity by the Christian Church’s 2nd Ecumenical Synod in Constantinople the year 381 A.D

Revelation 21:6 “Lord Jesus Christ is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the CAUSE of the CREATIONAL BEGINNING, the CAUSATION OF CREATION, (who makes for this reason) the SUPREME and UPMOST PURPOSE (OF LIFE) FOR ALL CREATIONS (humans)”.

ASSISTANCE: From the book of Archimandrite A.S.Chajinikolou, “The beginning and the end of the world”, cosmology and the Holy Scriptures

Your friend and servant
Constantinos James Wiliams

Before the “big bang” and Science

The explanation of the word science in the English dictionary is very lucid.

1 Systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.                                                                                                                          before big bang.jpg                                                             2 Any of the branches of natural or physical science

Science today attributes ~the presence of man and the absence of God~ to a cosmic event that it claims was accidental that was given the name “big bang”. The way as to HOW matter appeared from nowhere (avoid) does not concern science. Explaining the way as to HOW matter started “on its own” to form planets and planetary systems that were to support intelligent life does not concern science neither.

The physical events that took place right after the “big bang” can come under the study of science because they are material events (physical phenomena) of a material world that can be studied through man’s reason and logic. However, the events that preceded the “big bang’ (creation before the exile of Adam and Eve) cannot be studied by the logic of man (science) because there is no physical or material evidence that can substantiate them. There for the events that preceded the “big bang” cannot possibly be examined by science. Science will tell you that it does not matter what showed up first the chicken or the egg. Theology, however, will tell you there is a creator God …and that it was the chicken!

Cosmic events to reason.

The Preplanning Mind                                                                                                                     Any matter that suddenly appears from nowhere (avoid) with a “build in plan” to form planets and planetary systems that will eventually sustain life cannot come into to being without “a Preplanning Mind” that ordained it so.This (the Preplanning Mind) is what everybody knows or describes as God.

The Creator God

There is no matter known to man (science) that can appear from nowhere (avoid) on its own and then start to form millions of planetary systems and galaxies that can sustain life unless it was Created to do just that. This is why God (the Preplanning Mind) is also called a Creator.

Scientists reject the idea of a God because they cannot comprehend (know Him) with their logic. They have been “trained” to understand that anything beyond their material way of understanding things (science) is incomprehensible and not accepted… therefore rejected!

However, there are those people in the world who know God personally (His Saints) who will tell you through their personal experiences that God is a PERSON because He is known to talk to people ~person to PERSON~ like He did when talking to Moses. There is a simple fact (rule) about God making His self-known to men and women that is ignored by science and generally the rest of the world today and this is the fact that God reveals His Self…ONLY TO THOSE WHO HE WANTS TO!

The coming of Lord Jesus and the creation of the Church was to “set up” the right circumstances for a man to be able to know God personally. The words in [John 17:3] “they might know thee the only true God” mean they might know thee the only True God PERSONALLY! [John 17:3] “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent”

After Pentecost and the descending of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles created Churches around the world using specific rules (given from above) that are known as the 85 Holy Apostolic Cannons. The Church was created as a therapeutic institution in order for God to be able to reveal His self not in the mind of man (logic) but in the soul (heart). The heart is the place inside where God testifies to His Self, it the faculty of intuiting that gives man the axioms upon which to reason.

[2 Corinthians: 4:6]. “God makes His Light shine in our hearts, to bring us the knowledge of God’s glory shining in the face of Christ.

There for the time ~before the big bang~ rightfully belongs to those who got to know Him personally to Theology. Science does not have the “knowledge or the tools, the eyes of the heart” by which to see and know Creator God Personally who reveals to those becoming worthy all knowledge including knowledge of creation, so they are “condemned” to the type speculation that is born from fantasy which becomes their accepted “illogical logic” that will disallow their minds/hearts while alive to seek or/and know God personally!

The revelation that the all mighty Word of the Legislature God and His creational Commandments were set forth ONE TIME for ALLTIMES from the beginning of Creation till the doom of this world is a statement of His Saints whose experience during conduct with Divine Light (God) is the very foundation of Orthodox theology.

The exile from Paradise started a new way of being for the protoplasts hidden within creation in the case of sin (the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) that was to appear in case of disobedience. This was going to be a new arrangement of life in the absence of God that was set forth by Adam and Eve through on their own free choice through their act of disobedience. They decided to eat the apple because they wanted to become just like God told them the devil Their disobedience did not only bring on a transformation of their personal way of being but on Creation on a whole! They had fallen in the very same passion of Power and Expansionism that was born in the heart of his first archangel Lucifer/Snake (before they were created) that was begotten through the type Insanity that is brought forth from Egoism that is fed from an unspeakable and blinding Ingratitude…

The question remaining now is this.

Does science want to know all of the events that took place before the big bang before the exile of Adam and Eve from Paradise?

The answer is already known and it is very simple to understand how it was begotten provided a person believes that there is indeed a God who created it all who delivered the Holy Bible to the world in order for His creations to get to know Him! All of the events of Genesis and the Old Testament took place before the “big bang” (the exile of Adam from Paradise) were dictated to Moses by an angel!

The proof that Moses was the writer of the Pentsartefxos is overwhelming.

The years from Adam till today are 7500 years, and this was revealed to father Kalinicos on a golden description when God revealed Himself to him as He is known in the icons of the Greek Orthodox Church. In essence, all life is a creation of God and there was nothing ever evolved!                                                                                                …/344-megales-efevreseis-simadia-…                                                (this web side in Greek)

According to His Revelation begotten from God, the end (the Second Coming) has started to materialize in 1992!

God bless